The Scoop

Rednor Group Ltd. is a privately held consulting and merchant banking firm that helps companies maximize their enterprise value. With a wealth of experience in advising and managing businesses, Jordan Rednor, the president of the firm, has extensive knowledge of how companies need to approach their business in order to develop and leverage their competitive advantage. He has created and implemented strategic planning tools that allow for greater focus on brand building, organizational development, and financial management. The firm specializes in the marketing, entertainment and media industries.

Through years of planning and financing mergers and acquisitions, Jordan has a long history of representing both buyers and sellers. Rednor Group analyzes strategic partners and evaluates offers, as well as serving as lead negotiator. The firm also has ties to leading banks and private equity groups in order to source funding for all business activities.

In addition to bringing its experience, Rednor Group may also participate as an investor. This is a natural extension of the firm’s consulting business and gives it the chance to share in the risk of growing a business. Rednor Group doesn’t have investments in most clients, but it does approach each situation as if its own money was on the line.

Current clients and investments of Rednor Group are based in North America, Europe and Asia.

Rednor Group is headquartered in NYC. Its European activities are based in Brussels, Belgium. Rednor Group is a partner in The Mentor Fund, an investment fund dedicated to the marketing services industry.

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